You need to know

Safety Guidelines

Colorado Has Weather

This is not an easy time of year to paddle.  I would not recommend this event to be your first experience paddle boarding. In the past, we have experienced snow and wind gusts over 20 MPH.

Life Jackets & Whistles

Life jackets and whistles are required at Chatfield State Park.  Adults do not need to have them on, but they do need to be on the board.   I love my waist-pack lifejackets – safety and style!  A lot of life jackets are equipped with whistles but double check yours.  Please reference the Colorado Boating Handbook with Regulations and Statutes for all safety information needed while at the event.


Hypothermia is a risk depending on the air temperature and water temperature combo.  We recommend layering with wool or wearing a wetsuit under your costume.

This Is Not A Competition

This is a leisure activity.  One year, everyone was off the water within 20 minutes because the wind was so strong.  Play it safe and only do what you’re comfortable with.  This isn’t a competition, we are all here to have fun!


Thank You To Our Partners