What to Expect



Registration is required to go on the water with the 2024 Witch Paddle Event.  Registration will close when we hit max capacity or on 8/13/2024.



Every participant is required to sign a waiver.  So it is important that you use a good email for your registration.  Participants will not be allowed on the water without this signed.  One thing it allows us to do is take photos and video footage.

Join the Facebook Group

Upon registration, you will receive a welcome email with a link to join the 2024 Witch Paddle Facebook Group.  All pertinent information will be emailed AND posted in the group.


You do not need a state park pass if you are a registered participant.  We suggest getting to Chatfield early.  Registration opens at 7 am.  The parking lot at the Swimbeach will be open, with one parking lot to the north and two to the south.  Spectators are asked to park in the overflow lots to the North and South so boarders are closer to get their gear to the beach.



Check-In will open at 7 am at Chatfield Beach.  You will not be allowed onto the water or shore until you’ve checked in, so please park and check in before unloading your board and gear.

Check-In is organized by last name…just check the signs to know where to go.


Once you are checked in, you will be permitted through the chute to set up your board on the beach.  Anna Marie & her crew will go out just before 9 and everyone will launch all together at exactly 9:00 am, so make sure you give yourself enough time to check in and get your gear to the beach.


Event Coordinators

Anna Marie Madai

Anna Marie Madai

Founder of Witch Paddle, LLC

Meet Anna Marie, the co-founder and creative mastermind behind Witch Paddle LLC. With a boundless enthusiasm for innovation and a penchant for avoiding laundry with new and exciting ideas, Anna Marie brings a touch of enchantment to the operations of Witch Paddle. As the driving force behind the website maintenance and the visionary behind unique event executions, she weaves together the elements that make Witch Paddle a truly magical experience. With her creative spark and unwavering dedication, Anna Marie ensures that every participant embarks on an extraordinary adventure, leaving behind the mundane and diving headfirst into a world of paddleboarding and witchcraft. Join her on this whimsical journey and discover the wonders of Witch Paddle!

Diane Shideler

Diane Shideler

Registration Coordinator

Meet Diane, the powerhouse behind Witch Paddle’s land operations. As Katie and Anna Marie take to the water, Diane holds the reins on solid ground, ensuring a seamless experience for our participants. With her exceptional organizational skills and unwavering commitment, she takes charge of managing our dedicated volunteers and overseeing the check-in and registration station. Diane embodies the strength and stability that keeps the event running smoothly. Her keen attention to detail and friendly demeanor create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for everyone involved. With Diane at the helm, participants can rest assured that their land-based needs are expertly handled, allowing them to fully immerse themselves in the enchantment of Witch Paddle. Join Diane on this extraordinary journey and experience a truly magical event from shore to water.


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