Media Kit

Witch Paddle is happy to do interviews and answer any questions you may have that aren’t included below or in the downloads.

Short Bio

Anna Marie is the founder and creative force behind Witch Paddle LLC, an exhilarating adventure that combines paddleboarding with the magic of the Halloween season. With boundless enthusiasm and a passion for innovation, she brings a touch of enchantment to every Witch Paddle event held annually at Chatfield State Park. Participants dress up as witches and Halloween spirits for a unique paddleboarding experience.

Safety is a top priority at Witch Paddle, with Anna Marie and her team ensuring that every aspect of the event is carefully planned and managed to provide a fun and secure environment for all participants.

Long Bio

Anna Marie is the co-founder and creative mastermind behind Witch Paddle LLC, an extraordinary event that merges paddleboarding with the festive spirit of Halloween. Inspired by her love for adventure, dressing up, and Halloween festivities, Anna Marie established Witch Paddle after organizing a successful impromptu event that garnered overwhelming interest on Facebook.

What began as a spontaneous gathering for like-minded paddleboarders and Halloween enthusiasts quickly evolved into a beloved annual tradition. In 2021, the inaugural Witch Paddle event saw 80 participants enthusiastically don their witch hats and Halloween costumes for a unique paddling experience.

Following the fun and success of this initial gathering, a Facebook event was promptly created for the following year. In 2022, Witch Paddle experienced exponential growth, attracting over 400 participants to the festive paddleboarding adventure. This remarkable increase underscored the event’s growing popularity and solidified its status as a must-attend Halloween celebration in Colorado.

Each year, Witch Paddle continues to grow in scope and creativity, offering participants a chance to escape the ordinary and embrace the magic of the season amidst the stunning fall scenery of Chatfield.

Behind the scenes, Witch Paddle relies on the dedicated support of numerous volunteers who contribute their time and efforts to ensure the event’s success. Anna Marie, alongside her team and volunteers, works tirelessly to create an unforgettable experience for every participant, blending outdoor adventure with festive camaraderie.

Beyond her role at Witch Paddle, Anna Marie is a homeschooling mother and a trauma-informed energy therapist, owning and creating The Balanced Nest and Sacred Balance—platforms dedicated to healing and growth for individuals and families. With her creative spark and unwavering dedication, Anna Marie ensures that every Witch Paddle participant embarks on a transformative journey, leaving behind the ordinary and diving headfirst into a world of adventure and festive magic.